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With Michael L Johnson, CPA, PC working for you, expect us to pay close attention to even the smallest details. We go above and beyond to ensure every possible scenario is addressed. We remain available to explain everything we do and how that affects your bottom line.


We at Michael L Johnson, CPA, PC measure twice and cut once. Our goal is to leave you confident you remain in the most capable hands. That means proven accuracy in everything we do, from top to bottom. You might even say we are perfectionists in that sense.


At Michael L Johnson, CPA, PC, we believe you should not have to wait for quality. We have developed a streamlined process to produce quality results in the shortest possible timeline. It takes a lot to keep up with the speed of business, and you can count on us to stay one step ahead.


Rather than waiting for a call back for important information, you can count on Michael L Johnson, CPA, PC to pick up the phone whenever you need answers. We are courteous professionals who remain available to make sure every last one of your questions or comments is addressed.

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